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Numb Spots
With a bald-point pen,
He scribbles, again.
Pressing down hard,
He numbs down the page.
With the ink piling up
In that one little spot,
He begins to rip the page.
Little by little
He knows where to scribble.
When the page finally rips
In that one little spot,
He goes to another part of it.
He begins the process, again.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 1 0
If life is considered an amazing gift,
Is it allowed to be re-wrapped?
Because I don't deserve the gift I received,
It should've been given to someone else.
Someone could've gotten more out of this,
A person who's gift was lost or stolen.
I want this put to better use
By giving it to someone who wants it.
I would much rather donate my gift
To someone who will cherish it.
My present has weathered quite a bit,
But it's still able to work.
I understand the return policy,
The merchandise is ripped and worn.
But if you can exchange or donate it,
It could be given to someone else.
I've done so much harm and took advantage,
I'm an ungrateful, spoiled brat.
Please give the gift of life
To someone who will use it wisely.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
The Guardian Wolf
He walks among us,
Coming and going like a ghost.
He does so much for so many,
And asks for no recognition.
He carries wisdom beyond his years,
He is an old and sacred spirit.
He has so much to teach us,
Yet he wants to learn so much more.
He treats each day like a gift,
Living each day like it's his last.
He lets no second go to waste,
As long as he lives on.
His past remains where it is,
He stays focused on the present.
No one knows everything about him,
He is truly a mysterious creature.
So many take him for granted,
And think nothing of his presence.
He is often misunderstood,
Some people have betrayed him.
I envy so much about him,
Especially with all he has taught me.
No matter how much pain was inflicted,
He still continues to protect me.
He guards me with his life
And he makes sure I'm always safe.
He keeps all of his promises
That he's ever made to me.
He's never far from my mind,
He's never far from my heart.
I will never feel the amount of passion
I feel when I think of him.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
A Bug's Life
He was put in a plastic container
After he lost his mother.
Barely breathing,
He only lives by poked-holes.
He sees the world
Through the cheap, scratched-up plastic.
He is under surveillance
By the child who keeps him locked-up.
He is restricted with half-rotted plants,
Broken up twigs,
And whatever food is given to him.
He has always depended
On the ignorant child to feed him.
He fails to realize,
Though the child's intentions are somewhat okay,
They are also filled with selfishness and stupidity.
Though he is slowly and surely dying,
That container is the only world he knows,
And he has never had a taste of freedom.
If he was ever let go,
Would he be able to fly free?
Escape is a paradox
Because he'll always be locked up
If the child never unscrews the top.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 1 0
Hateful Christians Leave Unanswered Prayers
On a cold, winter morning,
The crowd gathers, again.
Ignorance spreads like an epidemic,
Contagious only to His children.
They think they're saved,
But they don't know what's coming.
As they lift up their signs in protest,
The little lambs will face an eye-opening experience.
Vengeance will be sought out,
By an individual the children crucified.
Those kids don't know her story,
So they treat her just as any other sinner.
Satan takes a deep breath,
And she pulls the trigger.
As Father's witness lay dead on the ground,
The heart-broken devil shouts:
"Where is your God, now?"
Pathetic, prayers echo the brisk air.
Bowing their heads, they wait for a miracle.
And they wait...
And they wait...
And they wait.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 1 0
Teflon Mind
Teflon mind,
it seems so simple.
It's harder than you think
to let things roll off so easy.
The only things that roll off easy
are tears down my cheeks.
It's been a long, hard day
and peace of mind is what I need.
I feel more alone than ever
facing problems on my own.
I feel weighed down,
like a sopping wet paper towel.
With high hopes of change,
I take a deep breath
and I keep my head held high.
I just need a little more strength,
a little more endurance,
just a little bit more.
Just enough to get through another day
and let things roll off, once again.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
Dear Darrell
We made a decision,
This was our choice;
But we still wish we heard your voice.
Now we're both here,
Writing this letter
With high hopes that you're feeling better.
We hope one day
That we can hear, see and feel
What we hope will someday be real.
A baby's laughter,
Holding a small hand
Doing the best that parents can.
It depresses us
That we will never see
The type of man you'd grow up to be.
We'll never know
Of the heart
We wanted to raise right from the start.
So, here we are
Parents in grieving
Heaven is what we'll try believing.
Hoping there is
a Higher Power
Taking you in during our darkest hour.
We wish that, someday,
We can finally meet you
And you'll do what we were supposed to.
You'll greet us
Into a new world above,
And introduce us to who we can now only love.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
I'm a perplexing human being,
I'll never be fully understood.
Many have tried to "get" me,
Everyone became intimidated.
Those who once said they'd be there
Ended up meeting my inner-demon.
I'll be left and I won't be surprised,
Not even in the slightest.  
Don't ever try to sum me up, I beg of you.
Just take me as I am;
I don't want to lose you, too.
If I ever run away, my love,
There's no need to fear.
If you pass the fields of fire,
Look for the seashore with wild lupine,
And stand on the sand of the deepest ocean:
We'll see each other, again.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
It isn’t my alter ego, or another personality.
The monster inside me escapes, when I black out.
This black out is what you’d describe as a “snap” when my last nerve finally gets plucked. After that, I am almost uncontrollable; I am almost unstoppable.
The first symptoms to look for lies within my speech; everything I say is completely unorganized. My talking is constant, repetitive and impaired, just as my thoughts always are. My voice becomes louder and louder, as the blackout continues.
The second symptoms begin with adrenaline that rushes through my body, mainly into my head. It makes my blood vessels pulsate uncontrollably. My head becomes hot and my body becomes numb. That’s when I get very, very impulsive.
I, then, find ways to hurt those who struck me: mentally, verbally and, sometimes, physically.
I drool while I’m blacked out, sometimes; but, I won’t actually feel it running down my face until the blackout is finally over.
Many people
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
I stare at the ceiling,
And I listen to Nujabes.
I keep the lights off;
I can see clearly, that way.
I want the true warmth I’m looking for,
To touch it, again.
Almost half a decade,
And this nightly routine continues.
It’s approaching the 11:11 strike, soon.
My goal is the same, the usual:
To make a wish more selfless than the last.
For the certain someone that triggers these wishes to become more frequent.
The someone who planted an even better half in me.
Someone who deserves a wish towards true happiness,
And less towards mine.
Fuck the closure I long for,
Let that someone rise and prosper.
The way they want.
It’s 11:11 now,
Time to make that wish,
It’ll be better than the last.
The deed is now done,
It’s now 11:12.
I’m now rolling over and attempting to sleep.
Regardless of slumber, I can still dream the best of dreams:
Awake, or asleep.
That’s the purpose of the lights going out, tonight.
Only then can I see the clearest,
And dream the bi
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 1 0
The Good with the Bad
I don’t know why you picked me,
I don’t know why you stay;
You call me, you text me, you message me,
Just to be driven away.
You tell me: “It’ll be alright.”
I tell you: “It’s not that easy.”
Yet, you still do whatever you can
To bend over backwards and please me.
I’ll never recover from this disease,
And I’ve pushed many others away;
But you still find a way into my heart
When you tell me you want to stay.
It’s hard to live with someone like me:
Who’s repetitive, impulsive and insane.
I get so outraged over nothing,
And you wonder why you came.
I take my meds twice a day,
And I do what I can to manage.
I follow all the dosage instructions,
To avoid any further damage.
I wish you could understand me better,
I wish you could figure me out;
But when your girlfriend has schizophrenia,
You’ll never know what it’s really about.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 1 0
I remember like it was yesterday,
When I used to hate the rain.
Until you came into my life,
And taught me how to look past the drops that fell.
As we embraced the thunder and lightening,
As we grew more numb and wet,
I realized that new beginnings weren't so bad, after all.
I fell hard for you...
And beside you I remained,
Until the night was over.
Now, whenever I see the rain fall:
I think of that night,
And I think of you...
When you taught me how to survive a storm,
By learning how to dance in the rain.
It was that night when I looked up,
When I gazed into your warm, brown eyes;
As the raindrops fell onto your eyelashes...
I wanted to dance with you,
In the pouring rain
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 3 2
I remember the tobacco fields,
and the sunflowers beside them.
Every summer I'd run along side the dirt path;
without a care in the world.
Simple pleasures mattered the most.
As I ran, time went by;
things weren't so simple, anymore.
Time helps me grow, and time helps me heal.
If only I could deny time and go back to the fields.
Making sure I could capture every moment;
every warm feeling I collected through those summers.
All those summers in the sun.
Now stored in my childhood memories,
I sometimes wish I could go back to those times.
Because it's always nice to pretend like you have no wounds,
no regrets to haunt you.
To go back to the fields of sunflowers,
by the water,
in the forests.
I long to go back to those days,
Before I needed to grow up.
I set those fields on fire, one day;
I had to stop living in my past.
The day the fields caught fire,
Was the day my childhood became nothing, but ashes.
:iconspiritedbutterfly:SpiritedButterfly 0 0
Inspiration Draws from the Wind
Faith comes in all different forms -
Some believe in God, or a form of religion.
Some believe in justice.
Some believe in a symbol.
Some believe in an emblematic item they keep on their person.
Some believe in the stuffed animal they sleep with.
Some believe in someone they trust with all of their heart.
Some believe in a movement that will impact the world positively.
Some believe in an aspect that impacts them.
Some believe in a day of each year they consider special to them.
Some believe in a form of art - visual, or musical.
Some believe in a fantasy they live in through the gates of their imagination.
Some believe in a type of alliance.
Some believe in a role model.
Some believe in a guardian.
Some believe in themselves.
Some believe in someone watching over them.
In all honesty, we have different reasons to keep going;
We live on for many, or a few,
And keep them in our mind to remind us of why we do so.
Of course, we have reasons for all of us being here,
Just as well as
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I have a huge story that's unfolding inside of my head.
It's been building up and building up for so many years...
It HAS to come out.

I'm looking for a visual artist I can partner up with.
Someone who will draw out the story, as I write it...
Someone who will give me feedback and ideas, along our journey to creating this story.
I need the constructive criticism, anyways.

I already have the characters, the plot, the twists and turns...
All I need is someone to draw it out, for me. 

Message me, if you're interested!!! 


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Anemone Thalia Angeni Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
"Even if you are beaten down by despair,
Even if you are crushed by the indelible mark of sin,
As long as there is someone watching over you,
You can always find the strength to walk along an unlit path."
- Sunao Yoshida

I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate I Support Equality by LiamJohansen TWLOHA Stamp by Peace-Wolf :thumb56453338: Wildlife-Awareness by mxlove Vegetarian Stamp by Naaya-Neko I love Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters by WishmasterAlchemist Guinea Pig Love stamp by Animal-Stamp Kuroneko Stamp by Kris-AJ Wolf's Rain Stamp: Blue by LaVieDeWolfie Teen Titans stamp by xselfdestructive Spring Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Rubber Ducky Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dinosaur Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Rain Stamp by Arpie The Moon by AraulsStamps Ocean...Water Stamp by saskya Kiriban - Sunflower by impersonalinfo I love Monarchs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Ladybirds by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mice by WishmasterAlchemist Blair - Stamp by Kizu-FreaK Beast boy and terra stamp by ur-guardian-angel


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